Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Reminders of home

Back from my journey through the Baltics, Russia and Belarus, I stayed for 6 days in the Netherlands before catching my flight to Hong Kong. In the short period I stayed at home, I was busy visiting family and friends and preparing myself for the following 15 months abroad. The reason I start my journey in Hong Kong is because I am participation in a one semester exchange programme at the Chinese University of Hong Kong. After the four months in Hong Kong I plan to continue travelling around Asia, with Tashkent (Uzbekistan) as my final destination. I booked a flight to Hong Kong with Qatar Airways, with a scheduled stopover of 3 days in Doha, Qatar.
On the 21st of August, my mother brought me to Utrecht's trainstation, where I said goodbye to her and boarded the quick ICE train to Frankfurt-am-Main. I waited for a couple of hours in Frankfurt before taking my flight to Doha. In order not to forget about my homecountry, here a couple of pictures of the Netherlands (copied from google and wikipedia, I haven't made this pictures myself).
Cothen, the village where I grew up
Utrecht, my birthplace and city where I study
Amsterdam, the Dutch capital and my favourite city in the Netherlands