Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Coming soon

As I am a lazy blogger, I still have to catch up on some posts. These are the blog posts I still intend to write:


January 14th until February 11th
- Entering the Golden Land
- Pagodas, pagodas, pagodas
- On the road to Namhsan
- The Irriwaddy delta

April 3th until April 31st
- When in Nam, do as the Viet
- Motorcycle diaries of the Ho Chi Minh trail
- More pictures of Vietnam part 2 (photos only)

May o1st until May 14th
- Lao-lao and Beer Lao in laid-back Laos
- More pictures of Laos (photos only)

May 14th until June 21st
- Cultures of the peninsula
- More pictures of Malaysia and Singapore (photos only)
- Borneo adventures
- More pictures of Malaysian Borneo and Brunei (photos only)

June 21st until August 6th
- Back in the Kong
- Dumplings and dynasties
- More pictures of Northeastern China (photos only)
- On the Silk Road
- More pictures of Western China (photos only)

August 7th until September 02nd
- still to come

Pakistan until 02/09
Oman & UAE 02/09 - 21/09
Tajikistan 21/09 - 15/10
Kyrgyzstan 15/10 - 20/11
Uzbekistan & Turkmenistan 20/11 - 15/12